Mark Fielding, ISME

Presentation to Mark Fielding on his retirement as CEO of ISME with Charlie Coughlan, and John Devitt of the PTMA

Presentation to Mark Fielding on his retirement as CEO of ISME with Charlie Coughlan, and John Devitt of the PTMA

Most readers will know Mark Fielding, the chief executive of ISME and be familiar with his relentless fight for small Irish businesses. After 15 years with ISME he is “hanging up his boots”.  In September 2016 he completed another successful tour of the country with the ISME Briefing Sessions Autumn 2016. As one of the many speakers who has done the tour with Mark over the year knows, it is a gruelling few weeks.

On Saturday 3rd of September Mark spoke to PTMA (Precision Turned Parts Manufacturing Association) at their quarterly meeting on minimising the anticipated impact of Brexit. John Devitt (PTMA Treasurer) made a presentation to Mark on day to mark his retirement.

As a proud member company of ISME, I would personally like to thank him for his dedication to the SMEs and the Irish business in general. We wish him every success in the future.

We also wish Neil McDonnell (General Manager of the Freight Transport Association) every success as the new CEO of ISME.

Funding Available To Increase Your Competitiveness

Chances are, you’ve already been thinking about the possible impact of Brexit on your business. For many of us with close links to the United Kingdom, there are potentially significant and real worries about how all of this will unfold.

Well, we’re delighted to bring you some good news from Enterprise Ireland that could certainly help you prepare and thrive within the possible challenges ahead. Enterprise Ireland have announced that they will extend the availability of grant supports for clients accessing the Lean Business Offer.

So if you’re serious about increasing performance and competitiveness by adopting Lean Business Principles then this means that you can still avail of funding to get on track.

In today’s more challenging funding environments this is exciting news as it means that you can get support for 3 Lean Starts, 3 Lean Plus and 2 Lean Transform projects.

Each level of support is characterised by increasing levels of capability in implementing Lean business principles. All resulting in embedding best practice approaches to drive overall company awareness, adoption and integration of proven Lean Tools and Techniques that will directly benefit your company.

Since 2010, Almir Business has partnered with businesses on their Lean projects and has achieved savings that surpass the +50% funding that is available to companies.

This funding opportunity is also available is to IDA companies and the MicroLean program is available to LEO (Local Enterprise Office) clients.

Contact us at 061 514598 if you would also like Almir Business to partner and assist you with this exciting opportunity.