Energy Event

OEE and Energy Efficiency Presentation - Procad Engineering

The presentation delivered by Anthony McInerney on OEE and energy efficiency was very well received at the EnergyPoint Energy Conference held at the South Court Hotel on the 14th May 2013. The event was very well attended with representatives from various industries including representatives from the food , medical device and SME sectors.  Many of the energy professionals present found the concept of OEE + E an interesting development whereby energy costs get added to the OEE metric as a fourth variable.  There was further discussion on how organizations may need to establish a measurement system in order to determine the energy costs associated with a particular process with the general consensus which this could be achieved relatively easily. This ensures the information gathering or measurement phase of the project can be completed efficiently leaving the project team amble time to concentrate on the improvement activities required.

The other topics presented at the event included a review of the costs associated with pump installation and maintenance and the importance of considering the lifecycle costs during the procurement process.  The concept of energy performance contracts was also presented which is an interesting approach to obtaining energy cost savings through establishing a contract with a energy contractor who gets paid based on actual savings realized.