Irish–EU Presidency Driving Competitiveness Event

29th May 2013, Dublin Castle, Ireland

Irish EU Presidency Driving Competitiveness Even

Lean Works! Irish and International companies have been achieving significant cost reductions, increased service levels and becoming more competitive using Lean Tools and techniques, working with their people, their suppliers and their customers. Lean is about doing more with less, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness across all aspects of a business, service and manufacturing.

Enterprise Ireland is bringing together many of the world’s leading businesses to share their Lean experience. Companies from Europe, Japan and Ireland, large and small, will make presentations on how they improved their performance and their competitive positions.

The conference will introduce you to Lean Best Practice, accelerate your learning cycle and help you provide innovative products to your customers quicker, better and cheaper, leading to increased sales potential, profitability and sustainability

Conference Fee: €100 per participant.

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